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Firearm Safety Training

GIRLZ on F.I.R.E. specializes in helping women eliminate their fear of firearms by teaching safety, fundamentals of marksmanship and laws relevant to the State of North Carolina. Both classroom instruction and on range training provides you with the peace of mind required to protect you and your family, leaving you Empowered, Armed, and Aware.

Handgun Safety



Every course begins with the Rules of #FirearmSafetyTraining #1 Treat all Firearms as if they are loaded!

Concealed Carry Laws



To stay updated on the latest Firearm laws and legislature in NC, visit the NC Dept. of Justice.

Handgun Marksmanship



Like any sport, profiency in Marksmanship requires training to develop both skill and speed.

NC Concealed Carry Handgun training is required by the State of North Carolina to obtain a permit to carry a concealed carry handgun. This course is comprised of eight hours of mandatory classroom training as well as a written test and range qualification. Click "here" for course details.


Women Concealed Carry


Wesmar Shooting Range

GIRLZ on F.I.R.E. partners with Wesmar Shooting Range for NC Concealed Carry Qualification and Private Training.


Wesmar Shooting Range is is owned by the Hedgecock family and is located in High Point, NC, 5 miles from our office.

8 hours of training, including two hours on the laws governing concealed carry, is required by the State of North Carolinca prior to applying for a state-issued permit. An application fee applies.

Private, one-on-one training is available to indivuals and small groups. Private training will include fundamentals of marksmanship and shot analysis after initial shots are taken at the range.

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